A spring time picnic with Chèr House

Since it has been raining so much in Southern California, the flowers are drinking it up and blooming like crazy. With seeing all of the blooms in full effect it inspired us to create an outdoor picnic for the gals. We knew that we wanted a feminine scenery so we …

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A Poolside Dinner with Chèr House Design Team

We know there are still many rainy days ahead but we wanted to share a poolside dinner that you can easily recreate for any setting in the spring or summer. Let’s start with the table setting. You’ll want to create a cohesive color palette that speaks to the tone you …

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Spring is in the air at Chèr House!

Spring is in the air!  It may not officially be Spring season yet but we are definitely seeing the flowers bloom, enjoying the birds chirping and seeing the bees buzzing around the garden again. This spring we are so excited to spend our days outdoors and enjoy new memories with …

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